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The 6th Ripon Scout Group, as a whole, went for a weekend to the Watson Scout Centre for a Post-Covid Group Camp. Read on for a full report from the Group:

Why would you use Watson Scout Centre for a post COVID Group Camp? – well why not - we did!!
Here’s the recipe, mix the following:
14 Cubs, 2 Leaders, 3 Young Leaders
14 Scouts, 3 Leaders, 3 Young Leaders
6 Beavers, 2 leaders, 2 Young Leaders
1 Group Scout Leader, 2 Adults in the kitchen

The KEY is having a good programme and the use of the surrounding area. It’s always good when the weather is on your side, a beautiful day on Friday developed into a glorious clear sky, setting sun and 3 degrees at 7pm – It’s going to be a cold night for the campers. Undeterred the Scouts put up their tents and headed for a wide game in the dark – capture the flag, followed by football (with a football that lights up when you kick it!)
Meanwhile the Cubs were busy in the Centre, allocating dormitories & walking around the village for a ‘short walk before bed’ to attempt to tire them out before they tucked up in their dormitories – we used 3 for the Cubs. The essential fuel of supper came from the kitchen team before Bed.

Saturday morning and it’s frosty in the field for the Scouts, It’s not light till after 7am so all quiet outside till 7.30am. Meanwhile in the Centre things started earlier!
Breakfast in the Centre for the Cubs, the Scouts made their own outside – COVID driven – no way – Scouts make their own breakfast normally at any Group camp.

Trangia’s were constructed – one each, now named for everyone. Bacon sandwiches cooked along with some veggie alternatives. Then a packed lunch prepared before a walk – to the summit of Urra Moor before returning to the Centre. Once back at the Centre some Navigational Challenges to cement the learning from the walk. Inside there were some JOTA/JOTI activities going on courtesy of BARNES Explorers who were the ‘hosts’ allowing both our Cubs and Scouts time to attend. The other late afternoon Scout project in the field was ballisters and water balloons! every Scout's ideal activity!

Beavers arrived at 11am (Scouts were already on the hill) and joined the Cubs with nature and fire-based activities. For most their first sleepover!!
Cubs have also been busy with JOTA/JOTI activities and a nature themed walk around the village and the Centre followed by various backwoods cooking activities around the campfire.
Young Leaders were tasked with preparing the campfire for the main evening event.

Saturday evening meal and everyone sits down together for ‘deconstructed’ Shepherd’s Pie – Mince & Tatties! Followed by Artic Roll or Vinetta.
Then the campfire – very enjoyable communal event lead by our Young Leaders.
Beaver bedtime – supper & story
Cub – quiet time, indoor games, quizzes & supper.

Meanwhile the Scouts retired to the Village Hall to play – "Don’t Shout or the Bomb will explode" – an excellent team communication game, the aim being to defuse a bomb before it destroys you (metaphorically) of course. A very intense and interactive evening ensued before supper and bed. It was a balmy 12 degrees at 10pm – definitely a warmer night.
The Young Leaders even managed some chill time around the fire after the campfire and whilst the Leaders were busy with their Section’s games, supper & bedtime routines.

Sunday – a whole new day, not as bright as Saturday but warm.
Breakfast for everyone – Scouts still having to make their own.
Flag & Investitures – we welcomed new members into all sections before taking some photos to update OSM.
Then everyone took part in a Service Activity for the Scout Centre by planting daffodil bulbs around the verges and edges. The bulbs were donated by Morrison’s Community Champion in Ripon as part of a donation of food given to the Group for the weekend.

Time for the Beavers to go home, parents arrived to collect tired children and head home.
Cubs & Scouts still had plenty to do, nature activities, pioneering, Village Trail before we all had lunch and then wrapped up, cleared up and went home!

A great weekend, a lovely selection of programmes for all Sections and everyone was able to see what every other Section was doing.
Thanks to everyone concerned – WE will be back to Watson soon – will you?

Well - will you?

This from ANNE COLLINS our DAS Manager, who says:

"It was great to have 13 of our members and guests meeting up yesterday evening for a meal at The Blue Bell in KIrby Hill. As such events always are, it was chance for a good chat and a catch up on what everyone has been doing in recent times, our last gathering having been the summer barbecue in July.

It was also an opportunity to at last present Steve Hall with his 40 Years Service Award, a reflection of many years of conscientious work in Scouting, often behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly for everyone else.

Maintaining our reputation for Active Service, Toni was able to help out at the recent County Leaders meeting in Thirsk, which was much appreciated by the organisers and as Scouting returns to some form of 'normality', other requests will soon be coming through. 

Always looking to a busy person to offer help, another of our DAS members, Aimée, has kindly offered her services as a Fencing Instructor (as in swords and rapiers, not garden barriers ....) for the benefit of ANY youngsters in the District. Boroughbridge Scouts enjoyed their session of 'fencing' this week and it is certainly an expertly run introduction to the sport and a great experience."

Some 21 adult training courses from the County Training Team, now extending to January 2022, are available to all leaders.

Face-to-face courses across North Yorkshire, and some online, include:

First Response

Inclusive Scouting

Leadership Skills

Working with Adults


Supporting Young People

Camp Organisational Skills

Programme Planning


Running Safe Activities

International Scouting...... and

Three 'Training in a Basket' sessions

Full details including how to register on the North Yorkshire Scouts EventBrite page. Just click HERE

DASQUEST (an annual event organised by the local District Active Support Unit) has now been completed by lots of the Beaver Scouts in the District. They were challenged to go with their Leaders on a short hike answering questions about the Countryside on their way round.

The trail started at Studley Roger Village Hall and ran round Studley Park to the Church, down to the Lake, and then followed the Valley of the Seven Bridges before going over the hill following Plumpton Lane back to Studley Roger Village Hall.

Boroughbridge, Masham, 4th Ripon and Topcliffe Beavers all took part at a date and time that suited themselves, and our DAS Manager, Anne Collins, says there were some very favourable comments, including one leader who said they would like to run it themselves another time as a sleepover at Studley Roger Village Hall, praise indeed!

57 Beavers and 19 adults took part, so 76 badges have been given out.

Considering the difficulties some Groups have had in getting any meetings going again that's a good response and gave something out of the ordinary weekly meetings for leaders to think about and start looking forward to other activities.

With everything now being officially back to Green, so hopefully Scouting will be moving on and Zooming, whilst an interesting skill to have acquired, will be taking a backseat!


All sessions done by ZOOM and start at 1900 hours

April 12 - Mod 7: Scouting for All

April 26 - Mod 8: Leadership Skills

May 10 - Mod 9: Working with Adults

May 25 - Mod 11: Administration

June 14 - Mod 12B: Programme Planning

(NB - 12A is available by e-learning)

June 28 - Mod 13: Growing the Section

July 15 - Mod 14: Young People Today

July 26 - Mod 15: Challenging Behaviour

Sept 6 - Mod 16: Intro to Residentials

Sept 20 - Mod 17: Running Safe Activities

Oct 4 - Mod 18: Practical Skills

Oct 18 - Mod 19: International

If you would like to register for any of the courses, email JOHN HELLIWELL, Ripon & District Training Manager on;

Those of you with "Eagle Eyes" will have noticed TWO changes in this year's District Calendar!

The District Scout Hike (organised by 6th Ripon) was to have been on Saturday 6th February but has now been changed to Saturday 25th September

The District Indoor Scout Challenge (organised by 1st Boroughbridge) was to have been on Friday 8th October but has now been changed to Friday 19th November

There MAY be other changes due to the current Pandemic so keep your eyes on this website!!

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Ripon and District Scouts operate NINE scout groups around the district:
  • ONE in Bishop Monkton
  • ONE in Boroughbridge
  • ONE in Masham
  • ONE in Knayton
  • ONE in Sowerby
  • ONE in Thirsk
  • ONE in Topcliffe
  • TWO in Ripon City itself
  • PLUS THREE District Explorer Units
  • PLUS a District Active Support Unit


THE SCOUT ASSOCIATION offers adventure and activity to almost 400,000 young people across the UK.

THE MOVEMENT is the largest co-educational youth organisation in the world, with over 28 million Members in 216 countries and territories.

Scouting has opportunities for almost ALL age ranges

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