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There was a problem with litter in the Recreation Area in Boroughbridge, so the 'Thursday Beavers' decided to help out. They met John Goss from 'Boroughbridge in Bloom' who handed out bags and pickers.

John was concerned that the area had been cleaned a fortnight earlier, so they may not get much. He hadn’t realised that Beavers are smaller than adults, so can get into places that other may miss.
They scoured the area, up the banks, under and in the hedges, under the seats and play equipment and by the end each one had a 20-litre bag full of bottles, cans, food containers and “I’d - rather – not – know – so – put – it – in – the – bag – quickly” stuff.
There have been lots of positive comments on the local web site and 70 "Likes" from the Community of Boroughbridge.

    At a recent County Executive Committee Meeting, it was agreed to reduce the County Membership Fee for 2021 from £13.30 to £10.00 to be funded from County reserves. This will be the County membership fee payable for all young members.  You will have already received advice from The Scout Association that the 2021 UK membership fee will rise substantially to £36 and the reduction in the County fee will help offset this increase. 

The annual fee of £46 (£36 + £10) will therefore be the fee payable for all young members; there will be no rebate arrangements (to ease administration for the County and the District).

The District Treasurer will be invoiced as soon as membership numbers are confirmed following the January 2021 census and the deadline for payment of the 2021 membership subscriptions to the County will be no later than Friday 9 April 2021.

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All leaders should take a look at the changes to the Amber Readiness Level recently announced (3rd September 2020).

Whilst we remain at Amber, these are significant changes which permit indoor activities to resume following the approval of risk assessments.

For full details, take a look HERE.

Keep you eyes on this website for FURTHER changes in the near future!


At the recent AGM meeting of the District Scout Council  (on-line), the Executive Committee and Officers for the year were elected/nominated in the (virtual) presence of 30+ Leaders and Adult Supporters of the District. The AGM was held by ZOOM on Wednesday 21st October 2020 at 8pm.

Please keep your eyes on THIS website for changes as they happen, and don't forget, you can also get LOTS of information of what is happening in the County (and Nationally) on the County Website at 

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Did You Know?

Ripon and District Scouts operate NINE scout groups around the district:
  • ONE in Bishop Monkton
  • ONE in Boroughbridge
  • ONE in Masham
  • ONE in Knayton
  • ONE in Sowerby
  • ONE in Thirsk
  • ONE in Topcliffe
  • TWO in Ripon City itself
  • PLUS THREE District Explorer Units
  • PLUS a District Active Support Unit


THE SCOUT ASSOCIATION offers adventure and activity to almost 400,000 young people across the UK.

THE MOVEMENT is the largest co-educational youth organisation in the world, with over 28 million Members in 216 countries and territories.

Scouting has opportunities for almost ALL age ranges

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