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It is end of the Financial year and will SOON be your AGM time again.
Here is some HELP & GUIDANCE which you may find useful.............Before you hold your AGM you MUST: 
1. Prepare your annual accounts for the year (be aware of the common issues that trip people up like not including all the assets [including land, buildings and equipment, subscriptions, and not forgetting to including all sections and assets and monies that they hold)
2. Prepare your annual report (again covering everything you have done in the year).
3. Get your annual accounts (and any relevant parts of your annual report) independently examined / scrutinised by the independent examiner who should have been appointed at the previous year’s AGM.
4. Hold an Executive meeting at which the examined accounts and annual report are agreed and approved by the relevant Executive (the Trustees).
5. Advertise the details of the AGM to all Scout Council Members. (See P.O.R. for details of who these people are)
6. Seek nominations for the Executive Committee and ensure that individuals are properly eligible and are aware of what is involved.
If you have not completed points 1 to 5 above, you cannot not hold your AGM. Instead you must defer your AGM to a suitable date after all the above are complete.
Next step is to ensure that all are informed well in advance of the DATE, TIME & PLACE of the AGM and SHOULD have an opportunity to read all the key documents before the AGM. Hard copies of ALL this information should be available at the AGM venue and be accessible well before the meeting.
Finally, it is always a good idea to try to hold the AGM in combination with another activity such as a presentation or social activity in order to attract people along.

Intrepid Scouts ignored the weather forecasts to arrive at the Annual District Backwoods Cooking Competition recently, where Colin and Clare Slator, on behalf of Boroughbridge Group, were ready to welcome the 65 youngsters to a seemingly empty field.
The 65 Scouts, representing 8 troops and working in patrols averaging 4 members, were able to roam the area to find their ideal spot to make their base. Areas were turfed with penknives, wood piles made from scavenging dead wood around the field and food bags distributed.
Getting fires to actually light in gusting woods and sleet showers is no mean feat, but with smoke giving way to flames and eventually dying down to embers, it was time for each patrol to show their culinary skills. 
With sausages, bread rolls, bananas, chocolate and marshmallows, no one would starve, but the real skill was in preparing and cooking the rabbits and pigeons, not something most Scouts have the opportunity to do very often. 
Cooking methods varied from spit roasting, skewering and foil wrapping the meats and other ingredients as the only utensils available were the Scouts’ own knives and a roll of aluminium foil in each Patrol’s bag.
With time of the essence, most Scouts got to eat something cooked, though several fund they could safely eat their dessert as raw ingredients!
The ingenuity, skill and amount of help needed from adults were all taken into account to calculate the winning Patrol being Merlins of 1st Boroughbridge, who received the District trophy.
This ever-popular event is a real test of team work, as well as requiring backwoods skills of fire making, food preparation (luckily not catching it) and cooking. The erratic weather in no way put the youngsters off their mission and thanks were given to Colin and Clare for again providing a great event.

Late addition is an Email from a parent.Just to say thank you to everyone involved yesterday. J had a fantastic time & has talked non-stop about skinning rabbits & what pigeons taste like. We are truly grateful to all the volunteers who make activities like this happen.‘

After 9 successful years managing and administering the County's "200 Club", Ian Hick has been awarded a commendation from the County Commissioner on stepping down from this role.

Ian has ensured that the "200 Club" continues to raise funds from members and supporters not only in North Yorkshire but across the country. For his enduring support to Scouting in this role he has the sincere thanks of the whole of the North Yorkshire County.

Ian, as you will know has been in the past, a N.Y. County Secretary and a N.Y. County Treasurer, and is still continuing as a valued member of the N.Y.County Appointments Advisory Committee and is also a respected District Active Support Member in Ripon & District.

CONGRATULATIONS must go to Ian from the whole District as well as the whole County

This, from our DC Aimée Dubiel:

I would like to launch a District wide competition to design a centenary badge to celebrate 100 years of Scouting in Ripon and District. The competition is open to all young people from any section and the grand prize will include the winning design being turned in to a badge that will be worn of the uniform of all District members for the year.
The winning design may be any shape although it must be practical for a badge (I am sure a complicated star design may not be appreciated by stitching mothers), celebrate our centenary and represent what makes Scouting in Ripon and District great. It may include local land marks and identities however, please remember that there are nine groups within the District which should be represented.
Entries can be forwarded to me by email or post - (a clear phone photograph of a design is acceptable) by Monday 1st April so that the design may be judged and made into a badge ready for the District AGM.
Good luck and many thanks

Email to: dc.ripon@nys.org.uk


Nearly 80 Cub Scouts from most of the Cub Packs in the District took part in the District Cub Scout Orienteering Competition at Cundall Manor School recently in glorious sunshine even though it was mid February. The event was ably organised and set up by our District Commissioner, Aimée Dubiel, who is also a teacher at the School.

The Cub Scouts split into twos or threes and had to find 12 different punches scattered around the sloping square kilometer of Grounds and Parkland behind the School. The object was to gain the most points and do it in the fastest time.

The winners of the Competition will be announced, and a Trophy presented, at this year's District St George's Day Event to be held on 30th March 2019.

Thanks must also go to the District Active Support Unit where Emily & Andrew did the Scoring and Timekeeping, whilst Alex, Shirley & Eric 'fed & watered' all the Cubs (and their Parents/Leaders) with Hot Dogs, Biscuits, Juice, Tea, and Coffee throughout the afternoon.

The event was deemed to be a great success and some new skills were learnt by some of  the young people who took part. Well done to all those who took part.

We have just completed our annual census of numbers in the District (and the rest of the nation has, as well).

Preliminary figures show our Youth Membership down this year by around 50 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. On the positive side we still have around about 536 young members, and this is without counting all the adults who currently help !

If Scouting is to continue to thrive locally, more volunteer adult help is needed. Could YOU help, as a leader, as a helper, as an instructor, or simply as an administrator?

You could give as little time as you wanted and it does not have to be every week – any help would be welcomed.

Adventure is at the core of Scouting. In The Scout Association, we passionately believe in helping our members fulfil their full physical, intellectual social and spiritual potentials by working in teams, learning by doing and thinking for themselves. 

Scouting provides opportunities for members to do this, and to continue to take risks in a safe environment, and have their first taste of responsibility. To do this we DO need more adult help.

If you are interested, or want to find out more about Scouting locally, contact the District Commissioner, Aimée Dubiel, by email to: dc.ripon@nys.org.uk

The Boy Scouts, as it was called in the beginning, was started by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1908 after a successful 'test camp' on Brownsea Island in 1907.

Some 5 years later, Scouting tentatively started in the wider North-Western District of Yorkshire West Riding in 1912. Captain Boyd Carpenter, was the, then, District Commissioner and covered the huge Parliamentary area of Skipton, Keighley, Otley and Ripon. Later it became District No 4 Yorkshire West Riding. 

In 1919 it was decided that a Ripon Local Association should be officially formed in 'Yorkshire North Riding' and was called 'District No 5 - Ripon, Masham and District'. Captain Coates J.P, of Holmfield House, Ripon, was the, then, District Commissioner.

The local Associated was formed on 21st August 1919 by an Inaugural Meeting at which the Bye-Laws were adopted and submitted to Scout Headquarters in London. These facts have been checked out by Peter Ford, a Heritage Research Officer with the Scout Association in our UK Scout HQ at Gilwell Park.

This officially means that 2019 is the 100th Year of Scouting in the present District which is now called 'Ripon & District'. So, for 100 years, Ripon & District has created a strong foundation of leadership, service, and community for thousands of the local young people, both boys and, more latterly, girls. Through a century of "Making a Difference" we can now celebrate the incredible impact of what a 100 years of living the Scout Law has done for our local and wider communities.

As Scouts we are constantly guided by our values, which are:
Integrity - We act with integrity; we are honest, trustworthy and loyal.
Respect - We have self-respect and respect for others.
Care - We support others and take care of the world in which we live.
Belief - We explore our faiths, beliefs and attitudes.
Co-operation - We make a positive difference; we co-operate with others and make friends.

This is what we do - let's keep doing it, and let's keep on celebrating it!

The three Boroughbridge Jamboree Explorers (Toni, Matt and Tia) on a recent Saturday in January, ran a coffee morning at Marton-cum-Grafton (with a little support from others) and they managed to raise over £252.

During what became a very well attended and quite hectic New Year event, they provided bacon sandwiches and homemade cakes as well as a nearly new stall, tombola and raffle.

They are actively raising funds to help themselves on a trip of a lifetime to the 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America later on in 2019

The 24th World Scout Jamboree will be held on a site in West Virginia, USA, called 'The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve'. Although the gathering will be in the USA, it will be jointly hosted by the 3 national Scout organisations of the USA, Canada and Mexico. 

The dates of the Jamboree are 22 July to 2 August 2019 and the theme of the Jamboree will be: Unlock A New World.  The programme at the Jamboree will capture the 4 core values of 'The Summit Bechtel Reserve': adventure, service, sustainability and leadership.

North Yorkshire Scouts Litter-Pick & Recruitment Week 2019

On Sunday 2 June 2019, the County plans a litter-pick across the entire Scouting County of North Yorkshire to mark the beginning of Volunteers' Week. It's hoped that Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, adult helpers, supporters and leaders from every section in every Scouting District of the County will collect litter on this day showing Scouts cleaning up North Yorkshire and our community spirit at its very best. A uniformed badge will be given to all young members who take part, for which there will be a competition to design an appropriate badge. The impact we could have across the County is considerable and so all Districts and Groups are requested to engage fully with this exciting initiative and to avoid all local Scouting activities on Sunday 2 June 2019.

Following the litter-pick and throughout the following week, which is National Volunteers' Week, the County will embark on a dedicated recruitment campaign for young members and leaders. Once again, it's hoped that all Districts and Groups will take part in this campaign at the same time to maximise impact and to achieve some amazing results.

No excuses and plenty of time to plan these events into your programmes, so put these dates in your diary NOW!

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Did You Know?

Ripon and District Scouts operate NINE scout groups around the district:
  • ONE in Bishop Monkton
  • ONE in Boroughbridge
  • ONE in Masham
  • ONE in Knayton
  • ONE in Sowerby
  • ONE in Thirsk
  • ONE in Topcliffe
  • TWO in Ripon City itself
  • PLUS TWO District Explorer Units
  • PLUS a District Active Support Unit

THE SCOUT ASSOCIATION offers adventure and activity to almost 400,000 young people across the UK.

THE MOVEMENT is the largest co-educational youth organisation in the world, with over 28 million Members in 216 countries and territories.

Scouting has opportunities for almost ALL age ranges

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