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Nearly 80 Cub Scouts from most of the Cub Packs in the District took part in the District Cub Scout Orienteering Competition at Cundall Manor School recently in glorious sunshine even though it was mid February. The event was ably organised and set up by our District Commissioner, Aimée Dubiel, who is also a teacher at the School.

The Cub Scouts split into twos or threes and had to find 12 different punches scattered around the sloping square kilometer of Grounds and Parkland behind the School. The object was to gain the most points and do it in the fastest time.

The winners of the Competition will be announced, and a Trophy presented, at this year's District St George's Day Event to be held on 30th March 2019.

Thanks must also go to the District Active Support Unit where Emily & Andrew did the Scoring and Timekeeping, whilst Alex, Shirley & Eric 'fed & watered' all the Cubs (and their Parents/Leaders) with Hot Dogs, Biscuits, Juice, Tea, and Coffee throughout the afternoon.

The event was deemed to be a great success and some new skills were learnt by some of  the young people who took part. Well done to all those who took part.

We have just completed our annual census of numbers in the District (and the rest of the nation has, as well).

Preliminary figures show our Youth Membership down this year by around 50 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. On the positive side we still have around about 536 young members, and this is without counting all the adults who currently help !

If Scouting is to continue to thrive locally, more volunteer adult help is needed. Could YOU help, as a leader, as a helper, as an instructor, or simply as an administrator?

You could give as little time as you wanted and it does not have to be every week – any help would be welcomed.

Adventure is at the core of Scouting. In The Scout Association, we passionately believe in helping our members fulfil their full physical, intellectual social and spiritual potentials by working in teams, learning by doing and thinking for themselves. 

Scouting provides opportunities for members to do this, and to continue to take risks in a safe environment, and have their first taste of responsibility. To do this we DO need more adult help.

If you are interested, or want to find out more about Scouting locally, contact the District Commissioner, Aimée Dubiel, by email to: dc.ripon@nys.org.uk

The Boy Scouts, as it was called in the beginning, was started by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1908 after a successful 'test camp' on Brownsea Island in 1907.

Some 5 years later, Scouting tentatively started in the wider North-Western District of Yorkshire West Riding in 1912. Captain Boyd Carpenter, was the, then, District Commissioner and covered the huge Parliamentary area of Skipton, Keighley, Otley and Ripon. Later it became District No 4 Yorkshire West Riding. 

In 1919 it was decided that a Ripon Local Association should be officially formed in 'Yorkshire North Riding' and was called 'District No 5 - Ripon, Masham and District'. Captain Coates J.P, of Holmfield House, Ripon, was the, then, District Commissioner.

The local Associated was formed on 21st August 1919 by an Inaugural Meeting at which the Bye-Laws were adopted and submitted to Scout Headquarters in London. These facts have been checked out by Peter Ford, a Heritage Research Officer with the Scout Association in our UK Scout HQ at Gilwell Park.

This officially means that 2019 is the 100th Year of Scouting in the present District which is now called 'Ripon & District'. So, for 100 years, Ripon & District has created a strong foundation of leadership, service, and community for thousands of the local young people, both boys and, more latterly, girls. Through a century of "Making a Difference" we can now celebrate the incredible impact of what a 100 years of living the Scout Law has done for our local and wider communities.

As Scouts we are constantly guided by our values, which are:
Integrity - We act with integrity; we are honest, trustworthy and loyal.
Respect - We have self-respect and respect for others.
Care - We support others and take care of the world in which we live.
Belief - We explore our faiths, beliefs and attitudes.
Co-operation - We make a positive difference; we co-operate with others and make friends.

This is what we do - let's keep doing it, and let's keep on celebrating it!

So - Why do we have a census?

Scouting in Ripon & District is, once again, at its ANNUAL CENSUS time. The Scouts all over the UK has an annual census to create a detailed picture of the young people and adults that make-up the membership.

Asking for equality data- gender, ethnicity and disability, about the Members in local Scout Groups is vital to ensuring the Scouts has a clear picture of who is a member and 1) ensures both girls and boys are represented in all levels of scouting 2) maps ethnicity to better understand how reflective we are in the communities in which we are present and 3) helps to understand the disabilities and additional needs of our members.

Knowing who our members are, helps the Scouts, at all levels to better inform the support and services provided to meet the needs of our Members. All equality data providing with the national census is anonymous. 

The census figures also provide information regarding the payment of the national membership fee. 

Scouting is open to all. So, it is essential that as a Movement we continue to reflect on the make-up of our membership to ensure we are doing all that we can to ensure Scouting is welcoming and accessible to all. This data helps to inform the guidance, training and support offered to local Scouting. Having clear equality data also enables us to recognise and celebrate successes. 

Locally, census data can be used to inform growth and development plans; identifying groups which may be currently under-represented within Scouting and looking for ways to reach out and engage new members.

Saturday 12th January saw twenty two members of the local District Active Support Unit, including spouses and partners, enjoying fellowship and conviviality at the Black Bull Hotel, Boroughbridge, at what has now become their "Annual Post Christmas Dinner"

It gives the District Active Support Unit (DAS) an opportunity to meet, mix and chatter in an environment other than a District Activity where "supporting the Leaders and our young members" is the key objective.

Ripon & District Scout Active Support Unit (DAS) aims to organise social activities for its members, plus all Leaders, and administrators of the District, keen supporters and all their families, as well as providing support services for District events. This Annual Dinner has now become a 'tradition' in the District and long may it continue!

If anyone wants to know any more about DAS (or become involved) please contact ANNE  on 01423 322458 or email to mike_anne_collins@hotmail.com - No Scouting experience is necessary, just a 'willingness' to help others in a flexible way, from once or twice a year to eight or nine times a year -  and no compulsion to wear a uniform or take a promise! (DBS checks ARE however compulsory as the 'core' of Scouting is an involvement with our young people).

The three Boroughbridge Jamboree Explorers (Toni, Matt and Tia) on a recent Saturday in January, ran a coffee morning at Marton-cum-Grafton (with a little support from others) and they managed to raise over £252.

During what became a very well attended and quite hectic New Year event, they provided bacon sandwiches and homemade cakes as well as a nearly new stall, tombola and raffle.

They are actively raising funds to help themselves on a trip of a lifetime to the 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America later on in 2019

The 24th World Scout Jamboree will be held on a site in West Virginia, USA, called 'The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve'. Although the gathering will be in the USA, it will be jointly hosted by the 3 national Scout organisations of the USA, Canada and Mexico. 

The dates of the Jamboree are 22 July to 2 August 2019 and the theme of the Jamboree will be: Unlock A New World.  The programme at the Jamboree will capture the 4 core values of 'The Summit Bechtel Reserve': adventure, service, sustainability and leadership.

Young people have an important voice in Scouting but..... are they getting a chance to use it in your section?

Following the success of #YouShape over the two years, the Scout Association has designated February 2019 as another 'YOUTH SHAPED MONTH', when we can all focus on empowering young people to decide, design and implement their own programme. Have you made any plans for this yet? There’s lots of ideas on the Scout Association and OSM websites.

Young people working in partnership with adults in Scouting, has always been something we have been proud of in this District. 'Youth Shaped Scouting' not only improves the way we Scout, but also the young people involved. Learning to speak up, be heard and work towards improving something you are passionate about is an incredible learning experience for the youngest Beaver right the way through to our eldest Network member. The more young people are involved in shaping their Scouting experiences the more they will get out of it, and the more likely they are to stay, do well and achieve their top awards.

Involving young people in decision making is essential for our governance structures to stay informed and responsive to the fast-paced changes facing young people in the 21st Century. By encouraging a mixture of experiences and ages on our Executive Committees and District Team, we are more likely to encourage healthy debate and make better decisions which are relevant to the lives of young people in today’s society.

Adults in Scouting are from all walks of life. Yet the one thing they share is the enjoyment of helping young people reach their potential. You may not be aware of the following facts:

  • None of our Leaders are paid – they are all volunteers.
  • The majority of our Leaders have full time jobs and a family.
  • 44% of our Leaders are female.
  • Leaders get involved because they want to have fun and make new friends themselves.
  • Leaders don’t have to be ‘superheroes’ who know everything. They are given training on the job and learn new skills as they go along.
  • The one thing that unites our Leaders is the energy and enthusiasm they have for giving young people the adventure of Scouting
  • Whilst all our volunteers are passionate about what they do, many help out on a flexible basis due to other commitments. Some may help out once a week or fortnight whereas others help once a term or at summer camp.
  • 27% of volunteers help out in Scouting as they are a parent of a current Member. 
  • Many were not Scouts when they were young but have learnt new skills and made new friends through Scouting.
  • Not all volunteers have to wear uniform.
  • Many of our adult volunteers say they are more confident in their everyday lives as a result of their involvement with Scouting.
  • Not all adults who volunteer for Scouting work with young people. There are a variety of other jobs that need to be done such as gardening and general DIY, organising events, doing the accounts and writing press releases. This means that Adult Leaders who do work directly with young people do not have to spend all their time doing paperwork.
  • All our Leaders are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy while taking part in Scouting.
  • New Leaders in Scouting go through a criminal records check to ensure they are fit to work with young people.

North Yorkshire Scouts Litter-Pick & Recruitment Week 2019

On Sunday 2 June 2019, the County plans a litter-pick across the entire Scouting County of North Yorkshire to mark the beginning of Volunteers' Week. It's hoped that Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, adult helpers, supporters and leaders from every section in every Scouting District of the County will collect litter on this day showing Scouts cleaning up North Yorkshire and our community spirit at its very best. A uniformed badge will be given to all young members who take part, for which there will be a competition to design an appropriate badge. The impact we could have across the County is considerable and so all Districts and Groups are requested to engage fully with this exciting initiative and to avoid all local Scouting activities on Sunday 2 June 2019.

Following the litter-pick and throughout the following week, which is National Volunteers' Week, the County will embark on a dedicated recruitment campaign for young members and leaders. Once again, it's hoped that all Districts and Groups will take part in this campaign at the same time to maximise impact and to achieve some amazing results.

No excuses and plenty of time to plan these events into your programmes, so put these dates in your diary NOW!

Find out all you need to know about Scouting
in North Yorkshire on the County Website

Did You Know?

Ripon and District Scouts operate NINE scout groups around the district:
  • ONE in Bishop Monkton
  • ONE in Boroughbridge
  • ONE in Masham
  • ONE in Knayton
  • ONE in Sowerby
  • ONE in Thirsk
  • ONE in Topcliffe
  • TWO in Ripon City itself
  • PLUS TWO District Explorer Units
  • PLUS a District Active Support Unit

THE SCOUT ASSOCIATION offers adventure and activity to almost 400,000 young people across the UK.

THE MOVEMENT is the largest co-educational youth organisation in the world, with over 28 million Members in 216 countries and territories.

Scouting has opportunities for almost ALL age ranges

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